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"Under the sea" bento box

How to

Pack to Go Back Sverige

Raisins are just the beginning of packing healthier school lunches. Get informed and inspired by Dr. Nelson’s healthy snack choices and creative lunch recipes.

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Various snack foods featuring Sun-Maid raisins

Play Hard, Have Fun and

Snack Right!

Providing healthy, energy-packed snacks to kids playing sports is paramount. Learn the guidelines below.

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Various allergy-friendly snacks featuring Sun-Maid raisins

Allergy Friendly

Snack Ideas for Kids

Do you or a loved one struggle with food allergies? Dig into registered dietitian Sarah Schlichter’s comprehensive list of safe, healthy snack ideas.

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"Under the sea" bento box

How to Pack a Balanced Lunch for Your Child for

Back to School

Learn some tips and tricks on packing healthy school lunches that kids can’t wait to devour.

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Woman sitting in a car with a snack bag, Sun-Maid dried fruit pack in hand

Summer Travel

Snacking Checklist

Chow down on Sarah Schlichter’s robust list of healthy summer snack options for kids and adults alike.

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